Who We Are

Who We Are
We are a passionate and talented team (family) driven to deliver service excellence. 
We refer to our customers as valued friends and build trust by keeping their needs and wants at the centre of what we do. We guide with professionalism, 
integrity and resourcefulness. 
We take pride in our work and support and respectfully challenge each other to flawlessly deliver each component that passes through our hands. There is no compromise for qua​lity!
We build on our trusted reputation by working with businesses who share similar values and work ethic. We respect, value and praise their contributions. 
We are leaders in our field because we see and understand the bigger picture .... that is - for our friends, these cars are not just cars ... rather, they each symbolise a 'campfire' that unites family, mates and community to build bonds and share memories.  Each day we're privileged to be trusted in designing, creating and restoring our friends' dreams. We too are surrounded by their 'campfires,' and this is why we're living the dream and why we love what we do. 
Pat O'Shea 
Director - PPR

Team PPR

Each stunning vehicle that passes through the PPR Workshop is credited to a truly talented team of individuals.

Pat & Kasia acknowledge and thank each member of the team and their families for their unwavering commitment, flawless work & positive energy they bring to the team.  

Pat O'Shea  &  Kasia O'Shea

Graham Hawkins 

Lance Jensen

Wayne Luckie

Drew Mackenzie 

Kane Schulz 

Ben Veraart